today in the studio: Orange You Glad?

by keavenwilla

Removing staples

Removing staples

I’m finally working on these babies!

In just a couple of hours today I had all of the tacks and most of the staples removed from three of the chairs. The fourth is unfortunately putting up a bit of a fight – the original hardware holding the back of the chair in place has oxidized so badly that the screws are literally crumbling into little, useless piles of rust as soon as I touch them. I need to procure a metal drill bit tomorrow to get those taken out. It’s impossible to remove the old fabric without taking the seats and backs off of the frames first. It would also be very tricky to sand the chairs and apply new finish with the seats and backs in place.

This weekend, I will unfortunately be taking a break from the studio – but it’s for a good reason! Our little baby chicks are getting too big for their current digs far more quickly than anticipated, so our chicken coop building plans have been moved up a few weeks. I’ll be sure to post about this, as well!